For the first time on the Sunshine Coast, you now have authentic American chicken wings.

Sure, some places serve things they call wings, but to a true connoisseur it seemed criminal that in an area that has everything, there is not an authentic Buffalo Chicken Wing in sight. Now that’s changed: New York Wings has arrived!

New York Wings is bringing clarity with an agenda; a chicken wing agenda. This ode to the poultry appendage will delve into our deepest, darkest chicken wing fantasies that will be sure to leave your fingers sticky and your stomachs full.

There’s something inherently unique about eating foods that don’t call for the interference of utensils. I mean, sure, forks, knives and spoons are pretty amazing tools, but devouring a delicious meal with the use of only your hands is, in some strange way, entirely liberating. Some might say it even makes the dish in question taste better.

That’s why people across the planet love to get their soon-to-be-sticky fingers on chicken wings. These enticing morsels embody the primal way of consumption, where you simply hold on by the bottom of the exposed bone and bring each sauce-slathered drumette or wingette, aka “flat,” directly into your anticipating mouth.